9052 2018 12e xmas

NHR plays the fabulous Mill Valley Tennis Club’s annual Holiday Party, December, 2018. Afterward, the band is presented with the Club’s prestigious Best Prosthesis Award (held by Brandon, center). The band will subsequently sell the trophy to help pay for surgery to separate conjoined twins, Nick and Josh (far right.)



Raucous Rico goes all Scat-Man AND  Cat-Man a la leopard-skin on “The Thrill is Gone!”


Megaphone and Beward

The boys yell at “Real Deal” Bruce  to stop singing “La Grange” and get a shave.


Whammer JAmmer

Josh Quittner puts down his axe and picks up his harp to be the “Whammer Jammer” on “First I Look at the Purse,” where the boys kick up a J. Geils classic.


Hip Replacements Stills 21

Bruce “Real Deal” Whetstone, “Raucous Rico” Rick Brandon, Paul “Bird” Zieff, and “Riffer” Ron Wynn bringin’ it home!


RIco Pointing on "Sally"

Bruce, Rick , and Ron pointing at Rico’s wife, telling her she’s a foxy dancer!


Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.56.27 PM

On your marks…get set…STOP!


Blurry Jump

OK, so we were a bit blurry-eyed that night…gettin’ HIGH on the music!


JP at Seahorse201[3

NHR’s first keyboard player, the legendary JP “Just Play” Poulson, wove some sweet Hammond sounds into many NHR tunes.


Soul Man Full Except JP

“Raucous Rico” Rick Brandon holds court on “Soul Man.”


Nick Diggin Close

Crisp Nick “Nick of Time” Cordellos lays down a slick, smooth, and soulful pocket.



Not sure why this guy is here. But if you’ve read this far, email Rico to win a valuable prize.


Purse Clapping

“Riffer” Ron gets the crowd cooking. The New Hip Replacements often make the audience the stars!


Stage Left full but JP:aprtial Bruce

“Riffer” and “Bird” gettin’ serious at the world-famous Sweetwater Music Hall.



This name-sake trophy caught our eye at a  gig. Near and dear to our hearts, but we left it.

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