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Hip Replacement Stills 01“Raucous Rico” Rick Brandon is The New Hip Replacements’s lead vocalist and trumpet player, so when he’s not fronting the band with creative, crisp, and stylized vocals, he’s blending sweet, funky harmonies with NHR’s sax man for a true “horn section.” Rico’s fun-loving and charismatic stage presence builds quick audience rapport. He brings a long history of R&B/soul band work that includes guesting with the chart-topping Delfonics (“La, La Means I Love You”) and fronting a 10-piece show band that opened for headliners such as Eric Carmen and (ready?…) Cheech and Chong. No wonder he’s a raucous rascal!

Hip Replacements Stills 19
“Nick of Time” Nick Cordellos is aptly nick-named, since this Sonoma native (and unofficial mayor of the Sonoma Speakeasy) came along just in time when the band was looking for a first-rate skins player. And man, were we lucky. Nick has a heartfelt love of music and people, and an amazing track record of awards and recognition. He received the Future of Jazz Award at age 14, and some years later, the Memphis Blues Contest’s Grand Prize. After a stint gigging five nights a week in Detroit, he returned to the Bay Area and has played with such legends as Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray.

sterno keys

Greg “Sterno” Stern keeps it hot on keys with The New Hip Replacements.  He’s also carrying the torch, as his father was a bandleader in the Bay Area in the 50’s. When Sterno’s not playing keyboards, he might be playing guitar.  He grew up in LA and was part of a children’s chorus that sang professionally on jingles and records, including the Dole Banana Buddy song. He lives with his family in Mill Valley.


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Josh “No Quit” Quittner’s
relentless, chugging freight train of a rhythm guitar drives the group’s dance-craze appeal—and gets everyone’s feet tapping. A Mill Valley, California resident and former TIME Magazine columnist, Josh might first strike you as a laid back, chill guy. Then he jolts you with his Whammer Jammer harp solos and cutting leads that catch you off guard. No wonder the boys call him “No Quit” Quittner.

Hip Replacement Stills Bruce KnockingBruce “Real Deal” Whetstone lays down NHR’s powerful, tight bass bottom, sings back-up vocals on many tunes, and serves as musical director of the group. This Oakland Hills dweller’s nickname refers to his enviable musician street creds: he’s a respected Bay Area studio musician and traveling bassist for countless groups through the years, and has played with multi-award winner and pop chart topper, Todd Rundgren. You’ll also catch him sporting a ZZ Top beard to sing “LaGrange” and Blues Brothers sunglasses when he rants for “Knock on Wood.”



Corporate litigator by day and Blues Brother after dark, “Riffer” Ron Wynn plays guitar like he argues in court: with gusto, grit, conviction, and a story to tell.  Formerly lead guitar for wine country blues rockers Deja Blue and Chord On Blue, “Riffer” Ron’s guitar adds fiery leads, monster rhythms, and funkified fills to NHR’s party-down mix of shake-your-booty blues, sing-along rockers, and groove-a-licious R&B.

Hip Replacements Stills 14
Paul “Bird” Zieff is NHR’s smooth, cooking reed man, both on tenor and alto sax. Paul has been in NHR since day one, and also regularly joins in blues jams around the Bay Area and in Nevada City/Grass Valley, his new home. A summa cum laude graduate of Crossroads Music School, his sax solos range from sweet velvet to tough funk, and his horn harmonies blend with Rico’s trumpet lines to pack power and punch. He’s also known to get yackety-saxety with a sweet honkey tonk Dixieland jazz vibe, or catchy, dance-able horn riffs to punch up NHR’s treatment of classics such as “The Letter,” “I Feel Good/Cold Sweat,” and “Mercy, Mercy.”


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